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The gluten free shoppe is the one and only shop I suggest you to satisfy your gluten free needs. They always have a wide range of stock with new and exciting kosher products. I spent many years in search of trustworthy gluten free needs.  Finally, I was connected to this shop by one of my friends where I do all my dietary shopping now. Thanks to the Gluten Free Shoppe for your valuable service.”

- Diane

I wanted to let you know the excitement I am experiencing after having your products. I told all my colleagues, relatives and friends about your tasty products. Usually, I don’t have the habit of writing to companies like this. But this time, I couldn’t stop writing to inform you how much I enjoyed your products. Thank s a lot!!”

- Jacobs

When I heard from my doctor that I have celiac disease and will have to change to a gluten free diet, I was very confused. I came to know that my entire lifestyle was going to change and that happened.  But I went through that rough stage of my life smoothly because of you. The comfort and support I got while talking with your customer service personnel was something very soothing and relaxing. They helped me a lot in choosing my prescribed diet. Your variety products, shipment, delivery services etc. are outstanding.  I would recommend all the allergic patients to stick on with this company to fulfill your future needs.”

-  Jenn

When compared to other gluten free online sites, yours is well catalogued.  It is very easy to navigate and easily directs us to our particular needs.  The product range is so wide with an amazing assortment of gluten free delectables. Very much satisfied with your customer service and the tips detailed on each page of your website.  Appreciate your effort for making the life of Celiac sufferer’s – an easier and an effortless one.”

- Daniel

Great Service!! I received my order two days back and I had a great time with my highly allergic three years old. Your Cinnamon cookies and muffins were great. We look forward to ordering more items from you. “

- Bettie

As requested, I received my orders, very well packed. For frozen items, the packaging was awesome!!! Very delicious products with low cholesterol features attracted my husband, who is a diabetic patient too. We had fun trying your mixes and muffins. These muffins were wonderful in-between meal snacks for diabetic patients. Healthy products with incredible taste!!”

- King

I tried several of your products and recipes and all have been extremely magnificent.  As a celiac patient, I enjoyed eating each one forgetting the fact that I was having a diet meal. It has such a magical taste. Just now, I have placed one more order that included a gift for my dearest friend. Keep up the great work.”

- Stephanie

I am allergic to gluten and I tried lots of product with other companies. Terrific!! I found this to be the best one I have ever tried since I was diagnosed with this allergic problem. Thanks again for helping me with my diet. Next time I will try your baking mixes. Thank you so much for your fabulous products! “

- Lulu

Fabulous taste!  I couldn’t believe the softness of your breads even after toasting.  After tasting your products, I used to wait eagerly for my dining times to come. Hoping to taste more different flavors and recipes in future. Thanks so much.”


Last month, my daughter was diagnosed with rashes and an upset stomach, which confirmed her allergy for gluten. I bought some gluten free products for her, but she hated all of them. My cousin told me about the Gluten free Shoppe because she had the same problems earlier. Then I bought your Brown bread and my daughter tried that and loved eating them. She commented your products as - Fantastic!  They are super yummy!  Thanks for helping my daughter with a healthier diet.”

- Liz

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